What is  Reiki?

Reiki is a relaxation technique developed in Japan. It is used to reduce stress and allow our body to physically and emotionally begin healing itself.

From the original Usui Shiki Ryoho style we have seen the development of a wide range of new styles. Each of these new styles have at their heart the original Usui teachings.

Reiki is a bioenergy modality. Reiki opens a path for the universal energy, often referred to as “Ki or “Chi,” to freely flow into your body, thus, allowing your body to self direct and use this pure universal bioenergy.  This often creates a deep state of relaxation.  It strengthens and balances each of your Chakra energy centers.  As these natural energy centers absorb this beautiful universal energy, they begin the process of easing back into their natural balanced and aligned state.

It has long been known that when your body’s natural energy field is out of alignment for long periods of time, you begin developing dis-ease.  Often this takes long periods of time to manifest into specific illnesses, although, extreme stress can speed the process.  By bringing your energy centers back to their natural state of alignment, you allow your body to begin the process of moving into it’s preferred state of well being.

During a typical Reiki session, it is easy to demonstrate to my client the current state of each major Chakras center before a session begins.  This helps you to understand which areas are out of alignment.  At the end of the Reiki session the same Chakras can be re-examined to show how each energy center has eased back in to a more balanced state.

The results are often dramatic and powerful.

Feel the energy at Nature’s Treasures
Photo by Tyssul Patel on Unsplash